How to Persevere When Prayer Takes You to Hard Places

Prayer is the answer. We’ve heard this many times and we believe it, too. We know God is faithful. We know He answers. We work hard on our prayer lives and then, out of the blue, it hits us – something really hard. It’s true, sometimes prayer takes us places we’d really rather not be.

We particularly see this in our personal life when we are asking to be set free form the things that hold us back. Sometimes, to work through the setting free, God has to take us into some very unexpected places.

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What in the World Does God Want?

What in the World Does God Want? Something I just love about God’s word is the way He condenses everything. He has this way of taking all our questions and swirling thoughts and providing us distinct and specific answers. Often He does this all within the space one Bible verse. His Word is absolutely full […]

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