RESTORED Quiet Time Method

Prayer takes focus, but sometimes that is really hard to find. There are so many things vying for our attention and as women we have so much on our minds. Finding quiet is hard enough, but when we get there, we often have trouble slowing our minds down long enough to focus on prayer and Bible study. 

We have a free resource to help you! The RESTORED Quiet Time Notebook is aFREE download designed to fit in your three ring binder. You will find pages that guide you through an 8 step process that will help you have a more effective prayer and Bible study time.

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You will find the RESTORED Quiet Time Notebook in our resource library along with some other helpful items. 

  • RESTORED Creating Intentional Quiet Times Notebook
  • Instructional Guide for your notebook
  • A list of 12 really useful resources for your notebook
  • A free printable: 31 Scriptures for Your Journey to Imperfect
  • Scripture card set with bible verses about identity
  • Journey Through Pages – (notes and Bible verses to encourage you!)
  • More will be added as I create new resources! 

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