Wildflowers in the Garden – Guest Interview

oin me as I take a walk with my friend, Sarah, in the garden. We’ll talk about spiritual lessons to be learned from the wildflowers.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in a garden, even in the gardens that you don’t plant yourself.

I hope you will join me today as I meet up with my friend, Sarah Geringer. Sarah is doing a series on her blog called Meeting God in the Garden. Sarah and I both love flower gardens, and today the two of us will be talking together about spiritual lessons we can take away from a walk in the wildflower garden.

Sarah asks three questions in her interview:

Q: Tell us about your own garden. What is your favorite kind of gardening (flower, vegetable, container, etc.) and why?

Q: What spiritual lessons has God taught you through gardening?

Q: In this year’s gardening season, what challenges do you face? How do they correlate with your faith?

Click HERE to go to Sarah’s blog to read the interview and see some beautiful wildflower pictures!

Sarah will be interviewing other gardeners in the coming weeks so you might want to check back for the next few Wednesdays to catch the rest of her Meeting God in the Garden series. She also has a new book called The Fruitful Life. This is a study on the fruits of the spirit and I just finished reading it. I highly recommend it!

May we all come together and meet with God in the garden!

If you are here today from Sarah’s website, welcome! I am so glad you are here! I’m blessed and honored that you stopped by today!



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Join me as I take a walk with my friend, Sarah, in the garden. We’ll talk about spiritual lessons to be learned from the wildflowers.

2 thoughts on “Wildflowers in the Garden – Guest Interview

  1. I wish i could count the number of lessons I’ve learned in my garden… mine’s a vegetable garden though. Seems that He puts messages in our path and can teach us no matter where we are… if we will only open our eyes to see.

    1. Hi Karen, So true! I remember a lot of vegetable gardening from my childhood days. Back my sister and I were the little helpers. We weeded, did hoeing, picked and shelled which make for wonderful memories with my parents and grandparents. There are so many things to learn and many of them we see years after the fact. Thanks for stopping by today!

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