A Pivotal Step to Get Past Your Fear of Writing

Have you ever had trouble finding the courage to call yourself a writer? Do you feel the calling, but have no idea how to proceed? Click here to learn about a pivotal step you can take to get past the fear!

Have you ever been afraid to do something you felt you should do? Do you feel called but not qualified? Are you afraid of failure or rejection when you think about that next big step you need to take? I have been in those places so many times I couldn’t even begin to count them.

Sometimes our next step feels huge, sometimes small. No matter the size, we can’t make it through life without facing a hurdle that needs to be crossed. Often the things we are afraid to do are not only meant to make us braver, but they are intended to help and encourage others along the way. In God’s big picture nothing is really about us at all. It’s all about reaching out and taking the hand of the ones behind us so we can walk together through life’s difficulties.

So today we are going to do a little fear fighting with a blog “extra.” One of my biggest fears has been the fear of writing, especially sharing my writing in public for others to see. This guest post at Goins, Writer tells my story of an important concept I needed to understand to get past this fear of writing.

I want you to know that I don’t tell this story to bring any attention to myself, but instead, it is meant to encourage. We all feel afraid at one point or another, but we shouldn’t let that stop us in our tracks. Whether you are a writer or not, we all have a story to tell, a story that could make a difference to someone along the way.

I invite you to click through and read the article over at goinswriter.com. You can find the article HERE!

Here is a little excerpt for you!


Have you ever had trouble finding the courage to call yourself a writer? Do you feel the calling, but have no idea how to proceed? That’s exactly where I found myself about a year ago as I walked through the doors to attend the Tribe Conference.

It was my very first writers conference. I looked inside at all those people milling around and felt like an imposter. Thoughts of all the things I didn’t have and all that I hadn’t done were racing through my mind.

• I had no background in writing.
• I had no written work anywhere other than my laptop and a personal journal.
• I knew nothing about book writing or blogging.
• I had never enjoyed social media.

All I carried through those doors was a compelling desire to write and the idea that I needed to do it online. I walked in feeling overwhelmed from trying to figure out how to move forward.

To find out what pivotal step I needed to take to get past my fear of writing, Click HERE!

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Have you ever had trouble finding the courage to call yourself a writer? Do you feel the calling, but have no idea how to proceed? Click here to learn about a pivotal step you can take to get past the fear!

6 thoughts on “A Pivotal Step to Get Past Your Fear of Writing

  1. Hi Leslie, I fully endorse with this view point of yours and it is something that I strongly belief i.e. making a difference in other’s life. Many times we don’t realize by doing something different and doing things challenging we are creating a space for others to come and explore a new dimension to their life, and showcase their talent which otherwise is hidden and appears lost in some nook and corner of their life. A small trigger can change our life and we all constantly in search of that elusive drive or motivation, it comes as stimulus and we are in a different plane, and suddenly we see things in life has changed beyond our comprehension.

    The journey of being a writer is true for most of us and when we start that first step we are skeptical and we hesitate to call ourselves a writer and we in a dilemma and many good things in life come when we are challenged or when we are in adversity, few come on their own but great people and champions create that contest to themselves and work out a winning strategy.
    Thanks so much for sharing this thought.

  2. Lesli, I have found your blog in Jeff Goins’ post and decided to join to your readers. Thank you for very worth and short advices in the Library. As a permanent beginner I am still imperfect and I work hard to agree with it. Greetings from Poland – your friend in God.

    1. Hi Toni! It is so good to have you! I love how the internet allows us to connect from all over the world. Thank you for joining us, friend. That makes my day! Blessings!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing so encouraging and informative post. It has really helped me get motivated as I have begun writing just few months back. So blessed to stop by at your Blog today. I am your neighbor at # purposeful faith linkup

    1. Elizabeth, I’m so glad this encouraged you! I’m excited to hear you have started writing. Thank you for stopping by, and I’m happy we could be neighbors today!

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