The Story Behind Journey to Imperfect

Perfectionism is real, friends, and it often remains hidden in our lives. Join me today and find out how I discovered my own problem with perfectionism. Then join me at Journey to Imperfect where you’ll discover God’s love and grace for help in overcoming it.

Hi Friends!

Today I’m honored to be sharing the story behind the creation of Journey to Imperfect through a guest post at my friend, Natalie Venegas’ blog, Milk & Honey Faith. Natalie’s writing and her generosity has been an inspiration and encouragement to me. She has a heart for inspiring others to grow in faith and to step out into their God given callings.  You’ll see this through her writing just as I have seen it personally as we’ve had the opportunity to get to know each other. 

Natalie also has a heart for helping women connect with each other. She does this through her a monthly post on her blog called the “Faithful Feature.” I’m honored to be a part of that today!

Are you curious about how Journey to Imperfect came to be? Join me and Natalie over at and find out more! When you get there, I encourage you to stay for a while and look around.  You’ll be blessed, I can assure you!

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Coming Soon! Prayer Kits!

Are you looking for a powerful way to pray? Pick up this free Prayer Kit that will give you a plan for praying about hope!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been away for a few weeks to work on a new resource for you – Prayer Kits! This year I hope to provide you with several Prayer Kits. These will be prayer action plans to help you pray about the topics we are discussing on the blog.

Our first kit is all about HOPE and it will provide you with an action plan that will help you pray Scriptures about hope, something we all desperately need no matter what our circumstances may be.

With this Prayer Kit:

• You will claim 7 verses that will help you find hope and keep it as an anchor for your soul.

•You will learn some of the deeper meanings behind key words in those verses so that you will know the depth of what you are praying when you pray Scriptures back to God.

•You will use these verses and key words to create your own authentic and powerful prayers.

•You can repeat these verses and prayers anytime you feel the extra need for hope.

It’s an action plan that is simple to work through and will always be useful in the future!

Friends, there is nothing more powerful than praying God’s words right back to Him! Check back Monday, February 5th for your free Hope Prayer Kit. You’ll be able to find it in our Prayer Library. While you are waiting, why not take a peek inside to see what is already there? You can access the library by subscribing in the sidebar to the right. (Or click below to read more and find direct links to the library!)

P. S. Join me this Monday, January 22 to find out how Journey to Imperfect started! I’ll be sharing on my friend, Natalie’s blog, Milk and Honey Faith! 

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Grace and Peace for Your New Year

How could our new year be different if we understood the fullness of God’s grace and peace? His kind of grace changes everything! Find out more by clicking through!

Grace to you and peace be multiplied. This greeting from the apostle Peter just leaps out to me on this New Year’s Day. It’s such a good verse for new beginnings and hope for the new year, isn’t it? It’s full and rich just as it is, but if we look into the Greek root words we’ll find even more!

Did you know that the word grace in this verse comes from the Greek word xáris? This kind of grace refers  how God is always leaning toward us freely giving Himself away to us because He wants to be with us.

The word peace comes from the Greek word eirḗnē, and it means “wholeness.” It refers to all the essential parts being joined together. Peace is God’s gift of wholeness.

The word multiplied comes from the Greek word plēthýnō, and it means made full to maximum potential.

How would our new year be different if…

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When Grace Appeared

God’s grace works well, his kindness is endless, His fullness is poured out upon us from the outstretched hands of a tiny baby.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. – John 1:14

Grace. The Word born to life and living among us, a tiny baby born in an insignificant village, living His life in humble surroundings. He was God’s finest gift, treasured like you and me, held in His Father’s arms and close to His heart.

But one night, God leaned low. He bent down to earth and set that baby in a manger, in a small and insignificant village, in lowly and humble surroundings. It was a moment of grace lived out from the heart of our Father God who loved us enough to give us His only Son.

Can you feel God leaning down, holding that baby in His arms, all the while knowing that He would die for you and me? And yet still …

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From the Manger to the Cross: Finding True Identity

There is a deep love for you and me and a God who sent His Son to earth as a tiny baby so we could understand it. In seeking His face from the manger to the cross, we can understand our true identity.

{Guest Post at}

I looked into those precious baby blue eyes. They seemed to peer right into my soul. We had just come home from the hospital, and I was having my first few moments alone with my sweet baby girl. I just couldn’t quit looking into her face, and as her eyes were searching mine, they seemed to be looking straight into my soul. I felt something I had never felt before, a love deeper than I had ever known, something that cannot be put into words. As I rocked her back and forth, I remember wondering at a love like that. It came to me at that moment, just a little whisp of a thought that flickered through my mind, “This must be how God loves me. I understand it better now.”

That was over 20 years ago. In most of those 20 years as I raced through the responsibilities of being a mother and wife in those child-raising years, the joy and wonder of the kind of love that God wanted me to understand became dulled until I could barely see it.

But one day I heard the Lord calling me back…..

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5 Days to a Thankful Heart

Spend 5 days in this easy study of Bible verses about thanksgiving. Come away with deep insights and a thankful heart!

Words. We hear them, we speak them, we read them. From the time we are tiny babies just starting to talk, words are part of who we are. From a very young age, we seek to know and understand the world around us through our developing language. Knowing the meanings of the words we speak and read is necessary in order to understand the world around us and interact with it.

It’s no different with the Bible. Word meanings are very important!

The Bible was first written in Hebrew and Greek. Translations are not perfect because languages are so different. The meanings of words can vary and change over time. The English words that we read in our modern translations can represent two or more different words in the original languages, so sometimes the meaning of one English word doesn’t quite do justice to the complexity of the concept implied in the original languages. This is why it’s a great idea to do a Biblical word study!

Word study can seem very intimidating, but fortunately, we have so many resources for solid Biblical research and understanding right at our fingertips. There are places online that you can go to find concordances and lexicons in order to do a deeper study of God’s word. You do not have to be an expert at languages to gain some deep insight into what God is speaking through His word!

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Empower Your Life with Praise and Thanksgiving! (Part 2)

Join me for part two of our discussion about the difference between thanksgiving and praise. Find practical resources for adding praise to your prayer life!

Last week we talked about how praise and thanksgiving empowers our life. It’s so exciting to know that such simple things can make such significant differences! It’s also true that misunderstanding certain things can keep us from experiencing all that God intends for us.

This week we’ll continue this discussion and look at some practical resources for adding praise to your prayer life. {{FREE PRINTABLES in our Resource Library!}}

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Empower Your Life with Praise and Thanksgiving!

Did you know there’s a difference between thanksgiving and praise? Both are essential and can empower your life in many ways you may not realize! Click through to read more!

It’s November, the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, and that always brings to mind themes of thankful hearts and all that God has done. We know we should be sincerely grateful to God for our many blessings, and we are! But sometimes we miss another life changing aspect, and that is the element of praise.

Praise and thanksgiving are closely related and can significantly empower our lives. At the same time, there is a difference between the two, and this important fact was something I missed for a long time. I had always thought that giving thanks was what it meant to praise God. It was not until I realized the difference between thanksgiving and praise that I come to a new place in finding peace in difficult situations and began to experience powerful changes within all areas of my life.

So what’s the difference anyway?

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Give Hope to the Hurting – Share Your Scars

Your story has a purpose, and sharing it will make a difference in ways you can not imagine! Click through to find courage and hope for you and others in a story only you can tell!

{Guest Post by Lori Schumaker}

The other night I sat across the table of a group of women. Remarkable women.

All beautiful and all with scars.

These are real everyday kind of women. The kind that smile and give you hugs when you see them. The kind that laugh at the funny stuff, shake their heads at the nonsense, sit with a friend in need, and love their people like crazy. They are also the kind that push themselves each day, run late, miss deadlines, yell at their kids, get irritated behind the wheel, and cry.

Real everyday kind of women.

Each of them have a story uniquely theirs. In each there is much good, yet in each there is pain.


… from loss and from gain.

… from lack and from abundance.

Pain that comes simply from the fallout of the sin and brokenness of our world.

Each has a story and each has hope.

*Click below to read more of this guest post by Lori Schumaker. Find hope and purpose in your own story!!!

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Three Ways to Fight Spiritual Attacks on Your Marriage

Facing spiritual attack in your marriage? Click through to find out three ways to fight back!

This week I’m so happy to be guest posting at my friend, Beth Stephaniak’s blog, Messy Marriage. Beth is doing a series on spiritual warfare in marriage and this post is part of that series. You’ll find a sneak peek of the article below. You can click through at the end to go to Beth’s blog to read more. While you are there, take a look at all her marriage helps and her subscriber’s library. You’ll find much encouragement there! 

Here’s a peek at the article where you can find three ways to fight back when the enemy attacks!

Marriage is under attack today in so many ways. One avenue of attack that is easy to overlook happens within the spiritual realm. Without a doubt, Satan wants to weaken and destroy marriage, and this means we will face spiritual attacks in our marriages at one point or another. Fortunately, we have a God who is infinitely more powerful than the enemy who fights against us. We have a God who protects us (Proverbs 18:10), and gives wisdom (Proverbs 2:6-7), strength (Psalm 73:26), and guidance (Psalm 32:8).

The three areas below may be places to go for insight and discernment to help you fight spiritual battles within marriage. In each area below, there is a verse from the Bible that you can pray or repeat out loud to help bring the truth and power of God’s Word into your life and marriage.

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