Coming Soon! Prayer Kits!

Are you looking for a powerful way to pray? Pick up this free Prayer Kit that will give you a plan for praying about hope!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been away for a few weeks to work on a new resource for you – Prayer Kits! This year I hope to provide you with several Prayer Kits. These will be prayer action plans to help you pray about the topics we are discussing on the blog.

Our first kit is all about HOPE and it will provide you with an action plan that will help you pray Scriptures about hope, something we all desperately need no matter what our circumstances may be.

With this Prayer Kit:

• You will claim 7 verses that will help you find hope and keep it as an anchor for your soul.

•You will learn some of the deeper meanings behind key words in those verses so that you will know the depth of what you are praying when you pray Scriptures back to God.

•You will use these verses and key words to create your own authentic and powerful prayers.

•You can repeat these verses and prayers anytime you feel the extra need for hope.

It’s an action plan that is simple to work through and will always be useful in the future!

Friends, there is nothing more powerful than praying God’s words right back to Him! Check back Monday, February 5th for your free Hope Prayer Kit. You’ll be able to find it in our Prayer Library. While you are waiting, why not take a peek inside to see what is already there? You can access the library by subscribing in the sidebar to the right. (Or click below to read more and find direct links to the library!)

P. S. Join me this Monday, January 22 to find out how Journey to Imperfect started! I’ll be sharing on my friend, Natalie’s blog, Milk and Honey Faith! 

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Grace and Peace for Your New Year

How could our new year be different if we understood the fullness of God’s grace and peace? His kind of grace changes everything! Find out more by clicking through!

Grace to you and peace be multiplied. This greeting from the apostle Peter just leaps out to me on this New Year’s Day. It’s such a good verse for new beginnings and hope for the new year, isn’t it? It’s full and rich just as it is, but if we look into the Greek root words we’ll find even more!

Did you know that the word grace in this verse comes from the Greek word xáris? This kind of grace refers  how God is always leaning toward us freely giving Himself away to us because He wants to be with us.

The word peace comes from the Greek word eirḗnē, and it means “wholeness.” It refers to all the essential parts being joined together. Peace is God’s gift of wholeness.

The word multiplied comes from the Greek word plēthýnō, and it means made full to maximum potential.

How would our new year be different if…

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How to Claim 7 Verses That Will Equip You for Life!

It is a common misconception that praying for ourselves is a selfish thing to do. Join me in overcoming that lie from the enemy as we learn how to claim 7 verses that will equip us for living! {FREE PRINTABLES!}

How do you feel when you think about praying for yourself?

As women, I think we often see the importance of praying for others. We pray for our children, our husbands, our family, our friends, our difficult situations. But what often happens when we think about praying for ourselves?

We believe that we are being selfish.

Why is that?

*Maybe we feel there are so many other needs that are so much more important than our own, so praying for ourself takes away from praying for others.
*Maybe we feel that if we pray for ourselves, we are being ungrateful to God. He has done so much for us already. How could we ask for more?
*Maybe we feel as if we are not trusting God if we pray for our own concerns and needs. He has a plan for us, right? Asking for things for ourselves may sometimes make us feel as if we are taking matters into our hands rather than trusting Him.

These are all common thought process we have, especially those of us who deal with perfectionism. Perfectionism has a myriad of ways of keeping us from taking care of ourselves in a healthy manner. But let’s see what we can do to get beyond what perfect says we should do and instead, let’s focus on what the Bible says.

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